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Contact Lens

Cotact lenses are devices made of medical grade plastic materials used mainly for correction of refractive error. They offer a more active spectacle free life , greater cosmetics acceptability , better & clearer images , lack of misting ans a wider field of view than spectacles


Contact Lens is a thin transparent lens placed directly on the transparent part of the eye called cornea.


1. To correct myopia, hypermetropia , astigmatism or presbyopia in individuals who want to avoid glasses or to be free from glasses .

2. To change the colour of the eye or to give a normal appearance to the eye in individuals having birth problems in the eye or to hide unsightly scars in the eye by using cosmetic contact lenses .

3. Therapeutic contact lenses are prescribed in patients with an aim to reduce pain and discomfort or to promote healing in certain eye conditions .

1. It is very important to clean and change rinsing solution of contact lens everyday.

2. Once a soft contact lens dries out completely it has to be replaced.

3. One cannot sleep with the contact lens on .

4. While driving a two wheeler it is advisable .

5. Improper use of contact lenses can lead to serious eye infections .

6. Over a period of contact lens use eyelids may droop down a bit.

7. Eyes are prone for allergies .

For individuals who experience side effect of contact lenses and want permanent removal of gl;asses or contact lenses , lase vision correction or I-LASIK is one good option .

Hans Eye Hospital is regularly catering to individuals opting for all types of contact lenses such as softy contact lenses , rigid gas permeable lenses , toric lense , daily or monthly disposable lenses , rose –k lenses etc.

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